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Ancol Nyl Chain Check Coll Rd S2-4 45 cm

Ancol Nyl Chain Check Coll Rd S2-4 45 cm

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Cats Protection

Rehoming abandoned dogs

Only Foals & Horses

Ancol Nylon & Chain Check Collar is a strong nylon collar and chrome plated welded link chain make this an ideal combination collar for most dogs. It's hardwearing and weatherproof.

Collar Size  1-2 to fit  25cm-35cm 10mm
Collar Size  2-4 to fit  35cm-45cm 12mm
Collar Size  4-7 to fit  45cm-60cm 19mm
Collar Size  5-9 to fit  50cm-70cm 19mm
Collar Size  7-10 to fit  55cm-75cm 25mm

Black Red Blue and Raspberry

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