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Ancol Sup Plush Donut Bd Oatmeal Med 70 cm

Ancol Sup Plush Donut Bd Oatmeal Med 70 cm

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Ancol Sleepy Paws Super Plush Donut Bed. Super soft donut shaped bed is designed to ensure relaxation and comfort to reduce anxiety and stress. The raised rim design in the bed creates a sense of security for your dog and helps them feel protected they also help support the neck and spine while your dog sleeps and helps reducings muscle and join pain. Filled using recycled fibre and hand finished in Great Britain.
We are committed to reducing our packaging and using recycled and recyclable packaging. This item is supplied witckaging that is widely recycled.
Medium  70 x 70cm
Large   100 x 100cm

Oatmeal & Grey

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