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Animology Essent Dapper DogShamp 6x250ml

Animology Essent Dapper DogShamp 6x250ml

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Animology Essential Dapper Dog Tutti Frutti Shampoo. Animology Essentials Dapper Dog shampoo is a deodorising and conditioning dog shampoo. Dapper Dog shampoo is a dog shampoo suitable for all breeds. Ideal for cleaning deodorising and conditioning Dapper Dog helps to keep your dog’s coat fresh and conditioned. It can be used on all coat types and is suitable for all dogs from 6 weeks old. Dapper Dog is part of the Animology Essentials budget friendly range. Use alongside Dapper Dog spritz to achieve a fresher smelling coat.

Suitable for use on all coats
Built in conditioner
Tutti Frutti scented

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