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Chewtopia Poo Bag Porter x6

Chewtopia Poo Bag Porter x6

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Classic Chewtopia Poo Bag Porter. All good responsible dog owners know how important it is to pick up after their dogs. They also know that poo bins are never close by when you need them. The Poo Bag Porter allows you to carry your dog waste hands-free and provides convenient and easy storage for new poo bags.
To prevent any awkwardness when running into people in the street and waving at them with a full bag of poo in your hand the Poo Bag Porter is the perfect solution. To keep your dog’s waste a little more discreet until you can find the nearest refuse the Poo Bag Porter is a more hygienic way to carry your dog’s waste by reducing the time it is in your hand.
Strong and durable you simply wrap the Poo Bag Porter around your dog lead handle harness your belt loop bag or even a running belt. Fold the end through the loop and away you go. So lightweight you won’t even know it’s there until it's full and in use.

15cm long x 3.5cm wide

2 Orange
2 Green
2 Yellow

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