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Liveryman Classic Trimmer

Liveryman Classic Trimmer

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Liveryman Classic Trimmer. The Classic trimmer is a powerful precision trimmer. Liveryman have worked closely with professional equestrians to develop a trimmer that can provide a showring finish. The Classic Trimmer is easy to use by everyone and is best suited to people who require tidying and trimming or those who demand a professional finish all the time. The handset is small and easily held allowing the user to be easily manoeuvred. The Classic Trimmer is powerful enough for trimming faces legs feathers tidying hogged manes clipping precise lines and blending clip lines. It can also be used for trimming and tidying of pets. The cutting height can be adjusted between 0.8 1.2 1.6 & 2.0 mm with the addition of a comb set for longer cutting lengths. This feature allows the user the flexibility to trim and tidy where required and with ease. The combs are ideal for blending and removing longer hairs on the legs and under the jaw line. The Classic Trimmer has ceramic snap on blades which are sharper and will stay sharper for up to 200 clipping hrs which is way beyond the lifespan of traditional steel blades. This provides consistent and precise trimming all the time. They cannot be resharpened. The Classic Trimmer is completely cordless and can be used anywhere. It has a 3.5 hrs run time off a single charge and can be used multiple times between charges. This makes it ideal for busy yards and professionals.

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Handset fitted with adjustable ceramic blade oil brush charging station and instruction manual.

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