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Baskerville Anti Scavenge Muzzle Size 6

Baskerville Anti Scavenge Muzzle Size 6

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Baskerville Anti Scavenge Muzzles provide you with reassurance in a wide variety of situations – and for those around you seeing a muzzled dog shows responsible pet parenting. Whether you need something suitable for a visit to the vet or groomers for travelling on public transport or for the daily dog walk a muzzle is also handy in preventing the scavenging of food waste or wildlife. Robustly designed for complete safety and comfort Baskerville muzzles can be confidently used to manage and during the re-training of aggressive or nervous dogs while allowing them to pant drink and enjoy life at all times. Dogs can pant drink and receive treats freely so they're ideal for daily use.  Designed to provide complete peace of mind for pet parents. Basket-style muzzles offer a perfect fit across different dog breeds. Baskerville Muzzles are easy fitting.

Sizes   L x W x H
Size 1  12 x 4 x 17cm Miniature
Size 2  12 x 4 x 17cm  Miniature
Size 3  12 x 4 x 17cm  Dachshund
Size 4  12 x 4 x 17cm  Westie
Size 5  23 x 7 x 17cm  Corgi
Size 6  23 x 9 x 17cm  Beagle
Size 7  23 x 9 x 17cm  Springer
Size 8  26 x 9 x 19cm  Labrador
Size 9  26 x 9 x 19cm  G S D
Size 10  26 x 10 x 9cm  Great Dane
Wider Fit
Size 12  19 x 12 x 26cm  Boxer/Pitbull
Size 13  12 x 13 x 26cm  Rottweiler

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