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Equine America Kentucky Adv Joint Powder 700 g

Equine America Kentucky Adv Joint Powder 700 g

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Powerful Equine Joint Support.
• Designed to support and maintain healthy joints and comfort.
• Providing targeted nutrition for the hard working and
competition horse as well as older horses with wear and tear.
• With key chondroprotective ingredients: Glucosamine HCl
N-acetyl D-glucosamine Chondroitin and Hyaluronic
• With high levels of Boswellia and MSM to support the
horses’ anti-inflammatory processes.
• Plus key bio-available trace elements vitamin C and
• BETA NOPS and UFAS accredited making Kentucky
Advanced Powder suitable for horses competing under
FEI regulations by reducing the risk of our products
containing prohibited substances.

Horses’ joints are subjected to immense stress and strain
particularly during competition and training leading to wear and
tear. Joint problems especially wear and tear of the cartilage
(which covers the articular surfaces of bones within the joint) is
one of the most common causes of reduced performance and
ultimately lameness in performance horses. This isn’t just a
problem of performance horses though with horses living longer
than ever these joints can also have significant wear and tear
due to a lifetime of use!
As the horse ages or the daily impact of training and
competition increase the ability of the underlying bone and
synovial fluid to provide vital nutrients and key chondroprotective
compounds may not be enough to maintain joint health resulting
in a loss of performance. So it is important that highperformance and older horses receive a dietary supply of these
key nutrients to support joint health to ensure the cartilage and
joint fluid retain their elasticity and shock-absorbing properties to
help maintain peak performance and comfort

A complementary feed for horses and ponies designed to support
and maintain healthy joints and comfort as part of a balanced diet.
Easy to feed in a highly palatable cherry flavoured powder.

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