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FatFace Spotty Bees Deluxe Slumber Bed 24 i

FatFace Spotty Bees Deluxe Slumber Bed 24 i

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FatFace Spotty Bees Deluxe Slumber Bed. Made in the UK the whole collection is filled with 100% recycled fibre made from plastic bottles. Billions of plastic bottles are thrown away every year with only a small percentage (around 9%) of this being recycled. We can reduce some of this impact by using recycled bottles in our filling. The bottles are shredded cleansed and heated to form a fibre which can be processed through a carding machine in our factory in Leeds to produce a luxurious super soft thermal filling for our pet bedding. To give you an idea the filling inside the middle -sized bed would equate to approximately 70 recycled plastic bottles.

Spotty Bees
We love bees so say hello to this ‘bee-utiful’ navy design printed on 100% cotton.

Deluxe Slumber Beds
45cm – 18 inch
61cm – 24 inch
76cm – 30 inch
89cm – 35 inch
101cm – 40 inch

Deep Duvets
Medium 71 x 98cm
Large 87 x 138cm

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