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Flexi Comfort Tape Small New L/Blue 5 m

Flexi Comfort Tape Small New L/Blue 5 m

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Cats Protection

Rehoming abandoned dogs

Only Foals & Horses

Flexi Comfort Tape Dog Lead. The New Comfort Flexi have soft grip comfortablle braking system available as a cord or tape option. Perfected tape guidence system with extra durable tape.

Tape Sizes
5m < 15kg (16ft < 33lbs) Small
5m < 25kg (16ft < 55lbs) Medium
5m < 60kg (16ft < 132lbs) Large
8m < 50kg (26ft < 110lbs) Large

Easily customised with a multi box and LED lighting system chromed snap hook reduces the risk of rust.

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