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Gencon All In1 Clip to Collar Left Blue

Gencon All In1 Clip to Collar Left Blue

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The Gencon All-in-One Clip to Collar is a fantastic no-pull training headcollar with integrated lead which is designed to prevent you dog pulling.

This All in One headcollar fits around the dog's head and nose in a figure of eight shape - when your dog pulls both loops tighten restricting the whole head so the dog backs off from the restriction. Only gentle pressure is needed and there is no need to jerk. Make sure the Gencon is fitted correctly and it is slackening when the pressure is taken off the lead.

The Gencon one piece headcollar and lead features a Trigger Hook which can be incorporated into the handle or attached to your dog’s own collar for extra control. If you walk your dog on the left choose the ‘Left’ option. If you walk your dog on the right choose the ‘Right’ option.

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