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Peckish Secret Garden Sqrl/P Peanut Feed

Peckish Secret Garden Sqrl/P Peanut Feed

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Peckish Secret Garden Squirrel Proof Peanut Feeder with its decorative leaf design helps to deter squirrels and larger birds from accessing the feeder. Antique finish. Screw top lid. Quick release base to remove inner tube. Heard wearing metal. Stainless steel mesh prevents young birds from choking on large chunks of peanut. Design prevents squirrels and large birds from accessing the internal feeder.

Peckish feeders can only protect against adult grey squirrels and large adult birds which do the most damage. There is always a chance that an adolescent young squirrel could squeeze into the bars and access the feeder. Young squirrels look very similar to adults but are actually far fluffier making them much more flexible! You may also find that adolescent jackdaws crows and pigeons may find their way in being smaller in size. The bars on these feeders cannot be made smaller to protect from adolescent or red squirrels as this would pose a risk to the birds.

Feeding Tips
With food resources scarcer now it is essential to feed garden birds all year round.
Once you have started to feed the birds it is important to continue this and develop a routine as the birds will become reliant upon your help.
Provide food throughout the whole year especially during breeding nesting and fledgling periods.
Locate feeders stations near cover so that they’re easily accessible but not too close if there is a risk of predators.

Always ensure garden birds have plenty of fresh clean water for drinking and bathing
Clean feeding and drinking areas regularly with a mild disinfectant
Keep food fresh and dry removing any wet food to prevent the spread of bacteria and diseases

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