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Super Codlivine

Super Codlivine Complete Supplement 15 kg

Super Codlivine Complete Supplement 15 kg

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Super Codlivine Complete Supplement. A complex blend of perfectly balanced vitamins minerals and trace element Super Codlivine's The Complete Supplement boast a broad spectrum of nutrition specially designed to promote inner health. Using fine grass meal as a base this supplement effectively replicates the horse's natural feed. Developed to promote elevated vitality and sparkle The Complete Supplement is an all-in-one direct route to glorious coat and hoof condition.

Grassmeal Wheatfeed Cod Liver Oil (15%) Calcium Carbonate Di-Calcium Phosphate Sodium ChlorideTrace Elements Magnesium Oxide Vitamins L-Lysine Flavour Methionine. Contains: Butylated Hydroxyanisole (E320) Ethoxyquin (E324).

Crude Protein 9.5% Crude Oils and Fats 16.5% Crude Fibre 9% Crude Ash 29% Vitamin A 400000 i.u/kg Vitamin D3 80000 i.u/kg Vitamin E 1000mg/kg Vitamin B1 700mg/kg Vitamin B2 700mg/kg Vitamin B6 300mg/kg Vitamin B12 500mcg/kg Niacin 1500mg/kg Pantothenic Acid 500mg/kg Biotin 150mg/kg Vitamin K 150mg/kg Lysine 4400mg/kg Methionine 1400mg/kg Calcium 4% Phosphorus P 1.5% Magnesium 1.5% Sodium 2% Iodine 30mg/kg Selenium 8mg/kg Cobalt 10mg/kg Manganese 1600mg/kg Iron 7600mg/kg Copper 1500mg/kg Zinc 4000mg/kg Folic Acid 300mg/kg.

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